Lost (1)

Lost (1)

I got really inspired by the new Tomb Raider so I decided to make my own storyline to it.

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Chapter 4.


I wake up feeling weird. But not in pain. I get up so fast I almost lost my balance. The mans just sitting there looking at the sun. Looking at the light. Staring. How is his eyes not affected? I check for the piece of wood but its not there. Neither is the hole in my side.
"What did you do to me?" I say demanding.
"I helped you."
"How?" He turns his head crookedly to look up at me.
"What are you? Some kind of ancient monster born here? Like the Oni?"
"I wasn't born here. I was following a girl on a ship here."
"Oh really? And where is she now?"
"Wh- when did you arrive here?" I say trembling slightly.
"About 100 years ago." My heart stops. I feel it stop. But it comes again. Hits me. Beating. Fast. He's not human. What is going on in this island.
"I'm getting off this island. Nothings stoping me either."
"That's what the others said. Do you know what happened to them?" I don't look at him. I can not meet his eyes. He's too scary for me. He makes me shutter. Like the Oni.
"Go to the Monastery. There you'll see what happened to 'everyone else'." I think for a moment. Me going inland to search of means to get out would be ridiculous. And also, suicide. This "guy" is the only person that can give me a sense of knowledge. He's been here for 100 years I might as well. I choose to sit down by the tree bent over the cliff across from "him". He looks at me.
"What is your name?"
"Chance." Still not giving him eye to eye contact. I stare down below. At the shipwreck.
"How long have you been on this island?" I sigh. "A couple days. Two or three." He's staring at me with the intense look. Not looking at him.
"From what I heard, Nyne wants a wife. Apparently, that wife is you."
"I don't think so."
"You don't? That's different. Every girl who met him and then me eventually got to him. By their choice only. His charm and abilities overwhelm them but there never good enough. He wants someone to chase. That someone is you."
"So you mean to tell me that you send him girls? You send him what he wants?"
"Only by choice. The girls get too scared of me to want to stay."
"Of what? What's there to be scared of? You're not the Oni." Theres a long pause.
"I'm a vampire, miss. I bite. I kill. I have no emotions when I feed. I can turn anyone into my kind only when the full moons out. No half, full. I can go months without blood. I'm not ordinary. I can be much more frightening than the Oni." I slowly creep my gaze up to him. His eyes. A golden bronze like colour. Like my strand of hair. Short and curly hair. Not pale but, tan skin. A life colour. His denim black jacket and cargo pants. Dark boots like mine. He looks new. Unsuffered. I am speechless.
"A lot of girls are attracted to me. All of them are. But I don't ignite them anymore than they are for anything else. I leave them alone. No one like you has came across wanting to run away from Nyne being in his palace and escaping. Alive. Meeting me. And still here. You're the first."
"Would you betray me?"
"Would you. Betray me?"
"No. I would'nt. Why should I?"
"Then lets go. I need to eat something. Stay close, not too close. And don't touch me unless you're saving me. Got it?" I'll have to stay alert at all times now. Theres no telling what he's capable of.
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Great story! Pls write more!
on September 04, 2013
on September 04, 2013