Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

My version of the Beauty and Beast tale. Please let me know if I should change something or add something different.

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Chapter 2.
The Beast

The Beast

Wait. All of this wait... for what? I'm. Hidious. No one approaches me anymore. Now that I am what I am... I'm only considered a threat. All because of that Witch who cursed me and my servants, and friends. My only valuable in life is this rose. This rose with it's petals falling slowly at a time. Within a couple years, I'll be long gone. Along with the rest of my crew. I have until then to find someone to love me... for me. Then the curse is broken, and everyones back to normal.But, they all run away. My door creaks open a bit.
"Hey... um. Would you like anything? Anything at all? Mr ,uh, Beast, Sir.
"Get out."
"No problem Sir." The little clock shuts the door leaving me be. Alex the Clock, Daniel the Candle, Mayreese the Duster, Mary the Teapot, Malice the Closet dresser, Dean the Broom and DeChant the Knight. My close friends. Everyone else is non-chalant to me. I am the only one who turned into a Beast. A wolfman. How will I get a woman to love me in this condition? She'll freak out just at the talking furniture before she even see's me. I hear something. It stops. I wait for the sound again. I grit my teeth. Theres a human in my palace. No one. Enters. My palace without my permission. I dash through the door and down the stairs. I see a light going down to the cellars.
"Hello Mr. Beast! How are you on this lov-" I growl at Malice and move forward to the light. I reach the cellar and spot the old man. Of course Daniel and Alex would escort him.
"You might want to stay in here... hehe if the Beast see's you here he would rip you apart." I hear Alex say nervously. Daniel just stands there both candles lit. I barge in and throw the old man in the cell closing shut the steel door.
"Oh! Beast! Sir! I...I" Alex stutters and fumbles for words.
"Didn't I tell you no one is allowed in MY palace unless I invite them in?" Alex is speechless. Like always.
"Daniel! I thought I told you to watch him." No response from Daniel. I stare them down both then look at the man. His eyes. Full of fear. I come closer to him in the cell.
"I'm sorry I-"
"Get away! You monster!" That sends me off. I give him my biggest growl and storm away out the cellar. I reach the the main stairs and stop.
"Fred. In order to gain trust from others, you have to be polite-"
"THAT DOESN'T WORK. I've tried being nice but THAT doesn't get me anywhere!" I ignore Mary and rush upstairs back to my room. Where I can finally be alone.
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Beauty and the beast! Yay!
on September 02, 2013