Brief desricption of a creature I had a dream about a long time ago. Very graphic.

published on September 02, 20136 reads 6 readers 1 completed

It Enjoys It

It's dark exterior. Black flesh. Burnt. I can smell it's fire blazed skin. Burning flesh lingering in the air. Its over 6 feet tall. Arms that reach its kneecaps. The stomach inches from the neck, making the legs look abnormally long. Gigantic feet. Its teeth were that of dinosaurs. Ripping out its face. Dark blood leaking from the sockets of his eyes which have no eyes but just a dark pit. Throat smashed in. The creature appeared to be eating itself inside out. It took its claw and shoved it in its stomach, slowly ripping downwards to make a longer split of the body. The creature smiled. It enjoyed the pain being cast. It slowly got darker. Everything went black.
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Comments (1)

Um....that is very graphic 0-0'
on November 15, 2013