soul eater demotivational things

soul eater demotivational things

I got this on youtube and I really wanted to put it on here because it is soooo hilarious! I hope you also like it. it is called soul eater demotivational posters. I skipped a few. don't be mad but I changed one a little bit and I added a few. BE HAPPY IN THIS AREA OR ELSE!!! just kidding!

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Chapter 1.

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Soul Eater -if its not symmetrical , kid is not happy

Steins Surprise-what do YOU think it is?

Anime Crossovers-When Death Note meets Soul Eater , Maka is kira

Patty's epic test-Its done its done!-Patty  She turned her test into art?-Soul Now im gonna make another!-Patty

Excalibur-Some things shouldn't be found because some things are hidden FOR A REASON!

insanity-join us?

Soul Eater-Americas best dance crew here we come

Excalibur-annoying since the 12th century

fatality-now comes jam-packed into a hard cover book
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Bunny-he will destroy me and feast on my soul!?!?!?!? Very hilarious..... Hello! This is the part where I kill u! Suprise! We're doing it now!
on November 14, 2013