13 and dead

13 and dead

“Can anyone hear me I screamed at the top of my lungs, can anyone hear me? Can they actually hear me”, they must be able to hear me, its not like im sitting in R.E asleep on a Monday morning or anything. I got detention for that but didn't attended you know why....

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Chapter 1.


“Miss carter I know it’s a bit difficult for you as your ..um…different”.
Yeah I am different VERY different I was born with asthma, eczema, epilepsy, and I’m bipolar you and im only 13 years of age, where is my life heading.
“sir I know but why now, please don’t ruin my day otherwise today will be the last of our lives, all of us”
“ don’t say such thing carter”
“its not carter its Vickie, Vickie cater, actually”.
I have double R.E (boo!!) hopefully I’ll survive both half's and make it out the classroom for break alive.
First bell went, then a seconds then another, then another till I heard foot step coming up the stairs a man come in, girls, boys.
time for break, he came in pulled a slivery object from his pocket ( and it wasn’t a small pocket or a small gun),he aim, then fire around the classroom
I could see colours of blue, green, yellow , red, then more red but on my hands this time not from me from Danny, he’s dead.
“yessssssssssss!” I shouted with joy  the man spin again
He had a smirk on his face, then aimed directly at me and BANG! It shot my head and all I could see was white then red then white again.
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Make more I'm liking this and need more
on December 08, 2013