Making A Life

Making A Life

New to America, Halle begans to adjust to new life. Boys, school and shopping!

published on August 24, 20139 reads 8 readers 0 not completed
Halle In Asia

Halle In Asia

Halle wasn't exactly happy about the whole I'm-In-A-Great-Place-But-I-Gotta-Move deal she had made with her parents. Not her best escape. But other than that, she loved her Asian Home. It was like a modern day teepee. Jaylino her sister was already excited about it. She was planning to escape back when she left and the only thing that would help was Faux Fur with her new outfit for leaving. But she wasn't really ready.

Halle couldn't believe it. She actually had to move from her only home for a long time. And the fact that Jaylino was excited was not the best thing. She had always wanted to go on a plane, and go to a better school and live in a bigger home. Studio News was her favorite show. If she was able to even process the fact if Studio News would even make it to America along with them then maybe it wouldn't be that bad.
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