A summary of my life... so far :)

A summary of my life... so far :)

Just some interesting things about me that even some of my "friends" (I use that term loosly) dont know.

published on August 22, 201315 reads 11 readers 2 completed
Chapter 1.

Most important thing in my life: The one I love <3

I fell in love when I first met this girl. I was only 11!!!. Of course I didn't know at the time because I was only 11, but I have always felt the same about her... butterflys flying around in my stomach, blushing every time I talk to her....the list goes on and on. I am 14 and I still love her. I haven't done much to prove my love to her because up until now I have been to afraid to. In 3 months I am going to serenade her using an acoustic guitar that costs $95 to rent (WORTH IT). #Fuckyeah <3
The song I am going to sing to her is actually going to be a mash up of some of my favorite love songs by the bands: sleeping with sirens (< hell yes), paramore, coldplay, and lifehouse.
                                   SHE IS GOING TO LOVE THIS... as would any cool girl :)
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Comments (2)

She'll love it- and its fine being Trans- gender! ^_^
on December 30, 2015
i think she'll love the song!
on August 22, 2013