the big prank [monster high]

the big prank [monster high]

if you like monster high read this story you will like it ...maybe i don't know

published on August 21, 201319 reads 10 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.


hey toralie! what? we need to make our biggest plan ever me and meowledy have already talked about it. What monster  do you think we should do it on? hmmmm... how about clawdeen? purrrrrrfect! what should we do ? oh hey meowledy! we were just saying that we need to try and think of something to do to prank clawdeen. how about we make a setup we'll tell her that everyone is going to a dance at school in the gym on saturday and when she walks in the alarms will go off and she will get expelled not only that though we will pour chocolate on her when she walks in the gym . but its only monday we have to wait 4 days until we can do it. bummerrrr. 3 days later. after school we will meet up and start setting up.
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This story is fun 🎉
on October 28, 2014