Griffin Girl

Griffin Girl

i was just turning 14 when i found out why i was so different to everyone else

published on August 19, 201330 reads 16 readers 3 not completed
Chapter 1.

Being Different

It's funny how you can wake up one day and everything's changed. In this case the change wasn't for the best, but for the worst, my death.

It's a month before my 14th birthday. i woke up late for school this morning, again. I hate being late but lately I've been having a hard time sleeping because my mind keeps wondering. I walk in class and everyone just stares at me like i'm an alien, which doesn't help me cause i get self conscious. Luckily my teacher doesn't really fuss about being late.

I hate school, I've always hated school. It's a place where kids come to just be judged and tormented. This is the 8th school I've been to and i''m only 13. I don't have a lot of friends, i'm kind of alone most the time. Harry's my best friend, my only friend, who's a person but he's a boy so he spends most of the time with other guys being idiots and with his stupid girlfriend. She hates me, just like everybody else in this place. I don't mind, i'm going to a better school anyway so everything should be fine.

At home things are better, i live with my aunt, I've never known my dad nor my mum. They got lost a long time ago, i don't even remember what they look like. My aunt's alright, she shouts at me a lot but that's because she says i'm like a zombie. It's true in a way but i'm usually so active and happy. This year things have just been changing.

"Amy! Amy! you're not listening again" she shouts at me again, however, i really wasn't listening that time.

"Did you feed SkyWalker?" She asks

Oh no! I had forgotten all about Sky oh no he's gonna be so mad at me. I run downstairs with a crate full of small fish. Sky's my pet, that's the only thing that's different about me, i have a pet eagle. He's fun to have around and I've had him for a long time, he's my other friend. I've trained him and he understands me.

My aunt says that i found Sky when he was just an egg and one days when i fly, he'll fly along side me. I don't understand what she means by that but maybe i will one day. My aunt also wanted me to start studying Eagles but i don't want to be any more weird than i already am.
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This is so good I love griffins
on May 11, 2014
Wow this is the most amazing story ever wright more plead! I will die!!!!
on January 14, 2014
on August 23, 2013