The bad trip

The bad trip

This is my very 1st story so can you not be mean thank you ill appreciate this is a story of the time my little sister had a bad day on the family trip to Santa Barbra where we where staying at the ramada hotel.

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Chapter 1.

The Dunk

It all started when my dad said that we where all going to Santa was a very long drive but I handled it so we got there and we unpacked and made are self at home right when my sister and I finished unpacking we went swimming later on we went to go feed the goose and the ducks we or are cups with food in it my little sister wich is 3 got to close to the steep edge and fell in the lake or lagoon my dad pulled her out by the feet but she's all right my big sister said to me,"Ashley I got scared". We took her a shower and my mom said the water that came out of her hair looked like tamarido  it's a kind of candy . It was night and we went to sleep.
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