What an awkward life

What an awkward life

There is a new girl in school, she had just made some new friends. The hard part now is to get out of school, so she can go to a party. This is no ordinary year....

published on August 19, 20138 reads 6 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

A New Day

"MOM! I don't want to go to a new school. I bet I won't know anyone there!" Dandi and her mother fought for a bit. Dandi ended up not talking to her mother for the rest of the day. When they got to their new home in the clouds, Dandi started decorating her room. After she decorated, she looked around cloud street, and the school. ~The Next Day~ Dandi Put her book bag together and sighed. She looked out the window at the school and glared it. "BREAKFAST! Dandi! Come for french toast! Bailey made it the way you love it" said Dandi's mother. "Thanks Bailey!" Bailey is Dandi's pet dragon. "Want me to drop you off at school Dandi?" asked her mother. Dandi replied with a no. Dandi was walking to school when she bumped into someone who was familiar.
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I made it
on August 19, 2013