The Rocky Road to Croker

The Rocky Road to Croker

THE story of a team destined to underachieve and nothing more or short of it

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those death come when life is in the essence? that would explain the tribesmen's(galway's) collapse upon reaching last year's final. only playing three games and losing two of them. Kilkenny had a similar scenario yet twice as shocking, losing to a Dublin side that required a replay to overcome a poor wexford side, that said dublin had turned a corner had upon beating the cats they overcame Galway in a thriller of a Leinster final. Pundits later contradicted the gaa system as galway had only played one game  against Laois  who they annihilated which wasn't ideal preparation for a final. in contrast to that the men from the liffey had played four games requiring two replays in both games. the story of Leinster gripped the hearts of many but the prospect of having a leisurely stroll through the backdoor was no longer valid with Anthony Cunningham's tribe dodging the door of opportunity and stumbling into the backdoor. Cats licked open wounds preparing to pounce on the chance of beating some fallouts from munster but thats not the way it went because in Munster fortresses, rivalrys and no other than davy Fitz had come into the picture.   
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