devil may cry maximum ride crossover

devil may cry maximum ride crossover

this may be odd but i think this could also be awesome so enjoy and don't be shy about your comments

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a mysterious red coat

itex industries

'glad you could make it.' a man said to a mercenary who was wearing red coat, a black leather undershirt red pants ,black boots, had white hair and was carrying a large sword on his back. 'enough chit chat let's talk about money.' said the mercenary. 'okay, here are your targets' the man said, showing the mercenary a picture of six children with giant bird wings, the oldest looking was a girl, tall, blonde, pretty, with blue eyes, wearing  blue blazer over a white t shirt, blue jeans and a pair of converse sneakers. the second oldest was male, had black hair that covered one eye, about as tall as the blonde, wearing a cheetah patterned hoodie over a red t shirt, a leather belt, jeans and nike sneakers. the third oldest was also blond and interestingly appeared to be blind, which the mercenary thought made him much less of a threat. he was wearing a white long sleeved shirt, jeans and excalibur sneakers. the fourth oldest was a black girl who was shorter than the first three had long black hair with a single white streak,blue eyes, was wearing a white tank top which was also exposing her cleavage to a small degree, black hotpants and blue nike shoes. the other two were significantly shorter and looked the same. 'think you can handle them,... dante?' he asked the mercenary. 'of course i can."
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