When molly saved the day

When molly saved the day

this is a story i made up about a young girl who lost her tedys and when trying to find them. she found a magical land

published on August 02, 201314 reads 8 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.
the tea party

the tea party

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Molly and she loved her mum and dad, she was delighted as her mum and dad was getting married in two days so she decided to have a tea party with her teddies to celebrate. Just then a big gush of wind blew her favourite teddy away so she started to cry. In a few minutes she had an idea, she would run after her teddy and get it back!  Then the wind blew all of her teddies away so she got her shoes and coat on and set off.
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My Molly is over the ocean, My molly is over the sea. My molly is over the ocean, o bring back my Molly to me!Molly, Molly! Oh bring back my Molly to me, to me! Molly, Molly! Bring back my Molly to me!
on August 02, 2013