Life of a kestrel

Life of a kestrel

I am sandstormultimatefan. I am a great author and trusted quizwriter. I have written Yewstar's desire and the personality quiz. She also is writing... the ultimate.... Are you a sprite a mermai or a fairy? Which could affect your personal life! (OOf) So read this book! I hope you enjoy it! Here we go....

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Chapter 1.
A balck right wing ad raven colored beak~prologue

A balck right wing ad raven colored beak~prologue

Twigs snapped under Waterfall's feet. He was.......... now a father, and, impressively, had kits named Maggot, Reed, and Salamander. "I can't go in this mouse-hole," argued Salamander. "I dare you!" Reed had teased. Waterfall had mated nimble Jaguarleap, formally a lone bird. "Ok." Waterfall flew over a forest, looked up. A bird with a right black wing and spotted left wing and raven beak flew downward, in aim of Waterfall. Panicking on the spot, the small kestrel abandoned his rather appetizing maggots and jumped at the bird with unsheathed talons. "Is that all you can throw at me?" Challenged the bird. His talons sinked like a cat's claws into Waterfall's wings. A flicker of light and red blood flashed, and then Waterfall saw Spotted Wing, his mother he was speechless. "My birdmates," he prayed, "Always vow to keep my kits safe."

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Hope u like my story! enjoy
sandstormrocks! TTYLXOX-sandstorm
on August 02, 2013