Me and my smuf bob family

Me and my smuf bob family

I have a mum bobeena A dad called bobo And me bob But that's not all there is a secret person in the family

published on August 01, 201315 reads 7 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.
The big secret

The big secret

Once upon a time there a mythical family called the bob family well they thought  they was mythical
One day bob herd his mom and dad shouting in the back room they said something like don't tell bob
So that makes me more upset and if. They are not going to tell me ill
  Make them tell me

Next day

Bob please sit down I need to tell you something. something we should of told you years a go and me and your dad have been speaking (hand over note to bob)(reading the note) o m g I can't be leave you never told me this I have a long lost brother but what's his name
I don't no because we put him into care
Why why
Because I was only 14 when I had him and I just could not look after him I was young please for I've me
No I'm going to fined him
Don't he is in a nice home
How do you no that
I just no ok I just no (crying)
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Comments (1)

What a smurfy story! :)
on August 01, 2013