Night mare night

Night mare night

This story is a soarinrainbow fanfic. This is a MlP fanfic. I am NOT the OC. I found someone emailed it to me... Enjoy!

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Chapter 1.

Nightmare night

Rainbow Dash flattened herself against her black storm cloud. The cloud skidded silently across the cool night air as she beat her wings to propel it forward. She kept her ears perked and alert, listening intently. The initial chatter of young fillies and colts parading through Ponyville was the first sound Dash's ears detected. Her hearing range skimmed the area for her next victim. Crickets chirped and a group of fillies were singing:

"Nightmare Night! What a fright! Give us something sweet to bite!"

It was Dash's ideal time of playing pranks. She grinned mischievously. Nightmare Night was definitely her favorite holiday. Giving the jumpy ponies a good scare in the Shadowbolt costume Rarity sewed for her made the event more of a thrill than just appetizing. And thrill was Dash's passion—much more satisfying, in contrast to some excessive sugar.

Eventually, after strolling with muted movements, Dash heard the nearby clopping of hooves. She swiftly advanced closer 'till her cloud hovered just above the pony. Dash lifted her hooves high, snickered, and brought them down as hard as she could.


The yelp of a stallion sounded along with a loud crack of thunder. She snickered again and peered over her cloud to see whom she frightened this time. Her sly smirk was wiped off when she processed what her eyes perceived.

"Uh oh."

It was in the infamous costume. It was one of her idols. It was a Wonderbolt.

"Ack, sorrysorrysorry! I didn't mean to! Oh-my-gosh I really didn't! It was an, uh, accident!" She stared in horror at the Wonderbolt. He looked shaken up, just like anypony would. Dash was relieved, however, that he didn't run away screaming like the young ponies did. It wouldn't be a pleasant sight.

"Geez, I walk in Ponyville and next thing I know somepony pulls a pegasus prank on me..." he muttered under his breath. He cleared his throat. "It's fine..." Dash didn't feel like it was fine. She had to sincerely apologize. This was somepony she always dreamed of one day becoming respected by as an equal. How could that ever happen if she didn't show any respect?

"I'm really so sorry!" she continued. "You're a Wonderbolt. You're an idol to all pegasi!"

"Ah,"the pegasus said after a brief moment. "I'm not a Wonderbolt. We're supposed to dress up on Nightmare Night, aren't we?"

Dash stared blankly at him. He wasn't a Wonderbolt?

Phew. Thank Celestia…, she thought. Of course he wasn't a Wonderbolt. A Wonderbolt that came to Ponyville 'cause he, what, had a sweet tooth and a craving for Sugarcube Corner treats? Gosh, I'm an idiot. Dash sighed with relief that she didn't just blow her reputation with the Wonderbolts.

"Oh, if that's the case, never mind." She said brightly. "How much did I scare ya? A lot?"

"Yeah, it sure made me jump." He agreed.

"Hey, where'd you get that Wonderbolt costume?" she inquired, veering the subject to his authentically made Wonderbolt uniform she was eyeing curiously. "You're not from around here, so Rarity couldn't have sewn that for you."

"I got it at a costume store over in Fillydelphia," He replied. "By the way, who's Rarity?"

"She's one of my friends and a local clothing designer here in Ponyville." Dash answered. "Let's get outta the way; Nightmare Night traffic's getting intense." She gestured her head at the crowds of fillies and colts shuffling towards the houses surrounding them. He concurred and extended his wings to take off and Dash did the same.

The strokes of their wings carried them off the ground then Dash quickly swooped down to get hold of her storm cloud. "Actually, wanna pull some pranks?" Her mischievous grin returned to her face.

He beamed back. "Sure!" Thus they both hopped securely on the cloud prickling with static. "We aren't gonna give them heart attacks, right?" he checked.

"Of course not!" Dash rolled her eyes. "What's your name, anyway? Mine's Rainbow Dash."

"You can call me Flight." He said.

Their wings revved and the two zoomed across Ponyville, ears pricked as they clung close to the cloud.

"Hear that?" she hissed. Flight didn't respond for a couple seconds, pausing in concentration on what Dash was listening to. He distinguished some remote conversation and hoofsteps. Then came the rattling of candy inside a bag.

"Yeah." Flight said. With the ease of two ponies, they glided the cloud to a cluster of colts. "I'm ready when you are." He whispered in a voice only Dash could hear. On her signaling nod, they thrusted their hooves high in the air. The pair then struck the cloud in unison.


The colts squealed at the unexpected boom and skittered off. The two chortled together.

"This is really fun, Rainbow Dash!" Flight cried in the midst of their laughter.

"Yup, it is!" Dash said mirthfully. "Alright, you up for some more pranking?"


"Bawk bawk bawk bawk bawk bawk bawk" Pinkie's chicken sounds faded in the distance while they rolled on their backs, cracking up.

"Heh heh. I'm glad I pranked ya, Flight. If I saw what you were dressed up as, I woulda steered clear of pranking you. Then I wouldn't have ever gotten to know you." Dash said, still laughing a bit.

"Ditto." He said. "So you wouldn't prank a Wonderbolt, huh?"

"No, it would ruin my chances into getting in their group if they ended up disliking me. I've always wanted to join, ever since I was a filly. I'm pretty lucky, though, I got to speak to them a couple times. Like, I got to meet them at the Best Young Flyer Competition. I won." She added proudly. "It was so awesome!" Dash's magenta eyes were shining, though nopony could see through her glaring Shadowbolt goggle lenses. "What do you think of the Wonderbolts?"

"They're really talented fliers. I like watching them. I admire them." He said. Rainbow Dash was not impressed.

"That's all?"

"Uh, yeah." He had his eyes fixed longingly at Sugarcube Corner. "Wanna go eat? I'm starved."

Looks like that pony did have a craving for Sugarcube Corner treats.
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love it
on November 22, 2015
Again, great story!
on September 05, 2013
Ok I'll check it out!
on August 03, 2013
This story I dedicate to XxRaimbow_DashxX the best Pegasus I know
on August 03, 2013
It is. It's a shame I'm not the OC. Oh we'll. I'll get there, I got a story Pony Pals. You might like it majeczka333
on August 03, 2013
Wow this is so awsome and well written!
on August 03, 2013