Puck and Quinn

Puck and Quinn

Quinn and Puck are getting married and they are sorting everything out.

published on July 28, 201323 reads 9 readers 2 completed
Chapter 1.

We're getting married

Quinn was singing whilst cooking dinner when Puck came home, even from the front door he could smell something amazing. He threw is bag onto the couch and joined her in the kitchen, sitting on the kitchen bench.

"Hi baby" Quinn said, kissing him before going back to her cooking.

"Why are you so happy?" He asked her, her plans for today had included cleaning the house and meeting his sister, neither of which normally left Quinn in this mood. She was grinning,

"I found my wedding dress today" She told him.

"Cool, when do I get to see it?" He asked, already knowing the answer.

"November 17th" She said, the date of their wedding.

He jumped off the bench and grabbed Quinn from behind, trailing kisses up and down both sides of her neck, she moaned softly, "You sure I can't change your mind?" He asked her.

"Noah" She warned him, giving into his advances, he still wasn't going to see her dress though.
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Comments (2)

I'm BEING full out honest. Love the story outlook, love the love triangle, hate the characters. Sorry, but they need more passion, what are their life stories, describe them more, full names? Maybe maybe not? A short biography at the end of everything?? TELL ME!
on March 11, 2014
love this stoy, i want more
on July 31, 2013