True Love Can Die

True Love Can Die

Attack of lung cancer. Living with it is bad enough, but getting teased about it lowers my self-esteem and brings on stronger pain. At least I have Ryan with me, he would never hurt me. Right?

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Chapter 1.
Love At First Sight

Love At First Sight

That moment when your eyes are locked in theirs and them towards you, it's like heaven.
We met in the park, Ryan and I, it was stormy night and the wind howled through the dark trees. they towered over me, they made me feel like the lonely kid I was. Then he came through the wild hedges, hood up; breathing hot air into the untamed wind. I cocked my head in confusion, my lower lip releasing its grasp from my top. He glimpsed at me for a while until I realised he was looking and he turned his head quickly.
Multiple footsteps came, and many rude words followed. He swivelled his head around with a horrified expression on his face before sprinting towards me. I squealed before he fiercely told me to hide him. I looked at him astonished before he quickly told me again. I acted sad like I was a few moments ago but now I feel a warm bubbly feeling inside of me, I think I liked this guy. 10 or so guys came swerving through the large bushes, not taking any notice of me before dashing up the steep hill.

We were the best of friends after that night then eventually came to more than that, boyfriend and girlfriend.
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