Ryan lived a normal life. She had a family that adored her, and lived in a safe town. Or so she thought. When Ryan was eight, she was kidnapped. The kidnapper locked her in a room and fed her scraps. But when the FBI finds her, she is returned to her family, and everything changed. (Ryan, short brunette hair, Audrey, medium black hair, both have fair skin tone, Ryan=Blue eyes, Audrey=Hazel. Mom= Brown hair, hazel eyes, tan skin. All images are from Google and belong to their respective owners. No copyright intended.

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Audrey was sitting on the couch of the apartment, watching Spongebob. (She had lost the remote.) Suddenly, the program stopped. "We interrupt this program for some breaking news." Said Marlo Jacobs, the news caster. "Eight years ago, we first broadcasted the report of missing Ryan Abigail." Marlo said. Audrey groaned. There were always news updates on Ryan. "Ryan Abigail has been found in Devin Borgo's basement after a warranted search." Marlo said. Suddenly, Audrey's mom, who had been listening, gasped. "You okay?" Audrey asked. "They found her!" Audrey's mom gasped. "They actually found her.."Okay, honey. I think it's time I told you that... Ryan is your sister." She said..

"Ryan, an interview please?" Asked an interviewer. "Okay.." Groaned Ryan. "What did Devin do?" Asked the interviewer. Ryan's short Brown hair blown in front of her eyes. "He kidnapped me in my sleep. He fed me three meals. Threatened me every hour." Ryan told the interviewer. "Where will you be going?" He asked. "My mother moved into an apartment. I'm going to see her." Ryan explained. The interviewer then left. Ryan sighed. My mom's apartment, she thought.

My sister,  Audrey thought. "Honey, if your mad at me---" Mom started, but she was interrupted. "How older is she than me?" Audrey asked. "Five years. She was eighteen two months ago." Mom replied. While they were talking, the doorbell rang. Andrew's mother want to answer it. "Hello.." Mumbled a girl. "Hi. Who are you?" Asked Audrey's mom. "Ryan Abigail." She said as she looked up.

"Oh! I missed you!" Ryan and Audrey's mom said. Ryan's serious face turned into a huge smile. "Yeah. The feeling is mutual." Ryan replied. "Hmm? And who are you?" Ryan asked, looking at Audrey. "Audrey Abigail. Your...sister." Audrey replied. "O-oh. Oh!" Ryan shouted. "Where's dad?" Ryan asked. "Oh. Honey, he passed away." Mom replied. "Oh.." She sighed, and returned her direction to Audrey. "So..Audrey..." Ryan started awkwardly. "Uh..Do you like reading?" Audrey asked. Ryan nodded. "Audrey. That's a really pretty name!!" Ryan complimented. "Thank you." Audrey whispered. "Did you ever go to a boy/girl party?"

Audrey looked at Ryan. What a strange question. 'Did you ever go to a boy/girl party?' Then again, a girl who was kidnapped at ten might ask that. "Yeah. Plenty." Audrey replied. "I didn't. I haven't had any positive interaction in eight years. Not until now." Ryan told her, with  small smile. Wow, Audrey thought. This wasn't as awkward as she thought it would be. Suddenly, she had many questions racing in her head. "What was dad like?" Audrey asked.

"Dad was wonderful. Over protective, sure, but he was a great guy. Heh. I guess people take these types of things for granted. I used to." Ryan said seriously. That stood with Audrey for a long time Ryan was so full of wisdom, and Audrey had no faith for her when the news came on. Audrey would always think to herself 'She'll be dead tomorrow.' But now that she though about it, she always hoped that Ryan would be found. It was just at the back of her mind.

Ryan was going to stay with her mom and sister. It seemed obvious. Where else would she go? She would be sleeping on Audrey's trundle bed. It was useful for sleepovers, but now it was Ryan's. "Ryan, I promise we'll buy you a bed once we get the money." Mom told her. But Ryan was fine with it. "Audrey, I'm going to see my old friends, would you care to join me?" Ryan asked. "Sure!" Audrey replied. So they went to the park, and were greeted by four people.

"Hi, I'm Anya." Greeted a pale freckled girl with blond hair and green eyes. Soon, Audrey knew everyone's name. There was Anya. Kelsey (Black hair, dark skin, Brown eyes.)  Then there was Ethan. He had Brown hair and tan skin. "I missed you guys." Ryan told her friends. "Yeah, things weren't the same without you." Ethan told her.

Ryan was laying awake on her trundle, writing in her diary. 'Things seemed weird. Everything changed when I came home. But now everything seems okay. Even if everything changed. Dad is dead, and I have a sister. Audrey. She is so kind. If I wasn't kidnapped that night, we could've known each other for a longer time. We  could've been best friends. Still, things couldn't be better. I have my family back, and I don't feel alone. I can have snacks, warmth, and most importantly, love."
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