Dobby and Creature

This is a made up story about two cats that my family and I fostered for awhile. All of the events are true except their thoughts and words (being that no cat can talk and it is impossible to know exactly what they are thinking) I hope you enjoy 😊.

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Chapter 1.


Light, the first and best thing I ever saw. Quite literally actually. At first my life was dark, all I knew was my mom, my sister, and that I was a boy. Whoever I was. I was older than her, I could tell because I remember her plopping right on top of me. That hurt. Dark was nice, it was quiet and dull. I do remember being moved, my mom wasn’t very happy about that. I was the oldest, but mom says I might have had a big brother.
He also would have been the runt. That’s weird though, cause I thought that the runt would be the littlest. Oh well. I lived in Dark for awhile until one day I saw something. Light! Light was bright and
colorful. I looked at my sister, her eyes were closed. That’s funny, I thought, she must still be in Dark. I saw little things first. Toys, sisters, bugs. Then I saw big things, cabinets, dressers, and even really big things that I would later learn were called humans, they picked us up and cuddled us. Mom wasn’t crazy about that either. About a month into my life in the light, I discovered a secret. If I ran fast enough when someone came in, I could get outside and see other cats, like my mom. Turns out, they didn’t like me!!!!!! I quickly learned not to play with them. There was also a big thing called Cat Tree. At least it liked me. The humans had started calling me Creature. I preferred the name my mom had given me, Tuna, but that name was nice too. My sister, Chicken, also adopted a new name. Dobby. Mom always complimented her name, but I personally liked Creature. I think the humans were giving up when they named her. Okay, so maybe I was just a little jealous. After awhile mom’s milk started tasting worse and the wet food and hard food where starting to become more tempting. One day I saw Dobby sneak some wet food. I decided to follow her lead. Mmmm! Every day after, I made sure to sneak a little. I hope Mom didn’t mind.
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