The Story Of Jasper

The Story Of Jasper

This is the story of Jasper and how she was made and became a Homeworld Gem so enjoy!

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Chapter 1.
A New Gem

A New Gem

Long Ago in a place called The Beta Kindergarten there were tons of holes and the Beta Kindergarten was in Facet Nine and it was red and gems were talking to each other and then another gem was about to emerge and so then it was time the wall was starting to move and then there started to be a hole in the shape of a person flexing and then out came a gem and she fell on the ground after that, her hole was high and

she was checking out her home and she said "who am I whoa I am a Jasper and that's my hole but some of these gems are small and I already know my purpose I'm supposed to be waiting for someone about now oh guess they might be a little late looks like I'm gonna be here a while" just then another gem walked up to Jasper and she said "hi what's your name" and Jasper said "I'm Jasper and that's my hole I just emerged and I'm supposed to be waiting for someone" and the gem said "I just now emerged I am Carnelian and that's my hole it's sideways because the walls are curved" and Jasper said "wanna hang out" and Carnelian said "sure" but soon they had lots of fun and then it got night time and Carnelian went in her hole and she didn't sleep because gems don't need sleep

so then a Pink figure walked up to Jasper and it was a gem and Jasper said "you must be the one I'm waiting for" and the gem said "I'm Pink Diamond I'm a member of the Great Diamond Authority and we rule over planets so you must be the Jasper I'm looking for come with me to my world" and Jasper said "okay but first let me notify Carnelian hey Carnelian it's time for me to leave the gem I was waiting for is here so goodbye" and Carnelian said "bye Jasper" and so then Jasper got on Pink Diamond's ship and she flew it back to space and they fled to a pink planet called the Pink Arena and Pink Diamond had her own palanquin and she landed

and Pink Diamond said "you stand here and wait for a battle and you meet some gems let me introduce you to one of my best soldiers okay Jasper meet Rose Quartz" and Jasper said "hello I am excited to be training with you I just emerged from the Beta Kindergarten in Facet Nine" and Rose Quartz said "well a few days ago I emerged from a place called the Supreme Kindergarten in Facet One"

and Pink Diamond said "okay i'll leave you two be" and so the next day they were training and they met Pink Diamond's Pearl and her name was Pink Pearl and then rebels came to the planet and Pink Diamond said "alright gems fight" Jasper summoned her weapon for the first time and it was a crash helmet and Rose summoned her weapon and it was a shield and so Rose floated in the air and then kicked the white gems in their faces and Jasper hit them with her helmet and they fled

and Pink Diamond said "those were rebels from the Light Arena I will notify White Diamond" and so then the next day Jasper got poofed and Rose Quartz brought Jasper's gem to Pink Diamond so Jasper could regenerate somewhere safe and Pink Diamond said "thanks Rose Quartz tell you what why don't you help look after her" and Rose Quartz said "that would be awesome" so then later she regenerated into a new form and Jasper said "thank you Rose and Pink Diamond for watching me.
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