Dangerous Yanderes~ (Yandere AU Sanses X Reader AKA. You)

(FOR GIRLS ONLY!)Your Name Was (Y/N) You Were A Beautiful Gal.When You Met The AU's You Noticed They Were Yandere For You Even Error! Anyway. You Were Trying To Run Away But Little Did You Know They Were Watching You...

published on January 0224 reads 6 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.

(Chapter 1) Love At First Sight

Your P.O.V
I Was Walking Down The Park When I Saw A Strange Skeleton Towards Me.I Was Confused And He Pulled Out A Hand.I Decided To Shake His Hand There Was A Farting Noise "Ha! The Old Whoope Cousin In The Hand Trick It's Always Funny!"The Skeleton Said.After A While There Was A Errory Skeleton Walking Towards Me.I Didin't Know Who That Skeleton Was.
(Welp That's It For This Chapter Sorry If It's Short And This Is My First Story Plz Like ;-; AND PLZ READ IT I WORK VERY HARD ON IT ;-;)
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Dam you can blush in text πŸ‘
Good story btw
btw this is my other account uwu
on June 13
on January 06