The Omegle chat

BEWAARE OF YAIO! warning! japanese gay stuff. Beware now or never sleep again!!

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You are chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!



You:I'm Tsuki

Stranger:I'm Quisumi

You:Nice 2 meet u

Stranger: Female or Male

You:Male, You.


Stranger: Are you gay?

You: WTF! What kind of question is that??? No!

Stranger:Oh, was that an insult?

You: Yes!


You: it's fine

Stranger:Would you like to meet at The Park on tuesday?

You Sure.
                                                                                                         TUESDAY JUNE 11
"It's a very nice day," said Tsuki. "I know-I mean, it is" Quisumi said quickly. Tsuki wondered why Quisumi was so shaky. "Quisumi are you okay?" asked Tsuki concerned. Quisumi ignored Tsuki's question and just sat on a near by bench. "You look very hands-- I mean-uh-you look very nice!!" Quisumi said. "Thanks, um.. seriously Quisumi are you okay?" asked Tsuki. "Better than ever!" Quisumi answers nervously. "Tsuki, can I call you Senpai?" asked Quisumi. "Uh, I guess so. This is getting kind of awkward, it seems as if were on a date, but i'm not... wait...Quisumi are asked Tsuki. Quisumi got up from the bench and looked into Tsuki's deep green eyes, "Yes, and that's why I'm hear with you, Senpai." Tsuki was stunned. Quisumi had dark brown hair, starry blue eyes, and a beautiful smile. Quisumi walked up to Tsuki, looked right into his eyes, and kissed Tsuki on the cheek. Blushing, Tsuki hugged Quisumi. And from that day on, they were a couple.
===================================================================================================                                                                                                                WENDSDAY JUNE 12
I love you.
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