The Crucial Piece ~ A What? ~ Book 1

The Crucial Piece ~ A What? ~ Book 1

Hi my name Is Abby, I grew up in Ireland and Escalated from there, I live in a Medium sized house With my Mom Dad and Brother Scott. We have a Pool and an Amazing Playground.

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Chapter 1.
The News

The News

Hi my name is Abby, and this is my life, I grew up on a farm in Ireland, then Escalated from there, Moving into Chicago, where my Aunt, Uncle, and Grandma live. I live with my, Mother, my Father, and my Brother. Scott. We live in a Medium Sized house with a little Cat. We have a Swimming pool, Built into the Ground, and an amazing Play ground. Anyway, This story is how My life suddenly Changed, "Scott, Pass me the Green Beans." I said
plucking away Brussle sprouts. Scott passed me the Green beans, His dark brown Chocolate eyes were Looking at my own, Chocolate milkshake. "Gonna finish that Abby?" Scott asked. I was half way through my Milkshake, My parents were Still Hugging my Grandma good-bye, Well Talking to her Good-bye. We had to do our Daily prayer before we ate, That meant our Parent's had to come and sit down. It was Five Thirty PM In Chicago, I looked at the clock thinking. My mom and Dad Finally Entered the Kitchen, They sat down Getting their food. Then we Prayed, We all had a Section to pray, then we could eat. The youngest went first, That was me.
"Dear lord, please give us our Daily bread." "So we may be safe and Comforted." My brother Scott Prayed. "So we will know the doing from Right and Wrong." My mom Prayed. Then it was my dad, and here came the news. "And please Help us with the Arrival of our new Child." Dad prayed. Me and Scott opened our Eyes Quickly. I gasped as if I got shot in the Heart. "C-Child?" I asked Stuffing Grean beans in my mouth trying to Hold back the tears of not being the Youngest. "Yes Child, your Mother, has a Child due on December Twelveth." My dad said. Grasping my Mom's hand. "T-The Gender? T-The Name?" "Boy, and Timothy." My mother said. It was November 26th, a day Before thanksgiving. "W-What if?" Abby tried to ask. but My words would not come up, It was like she was Stabbed over and over Again trying to Get Breath. Scott, on the other hand Didn't mind, he just Plugged in his Headphones and Jammed. The Door bell rang, What could it be? No one was moving. I got up from the Chair and Answered it, It was Dillon her Best Friend. "Dillon!" I said. Hugging Him fully. "Abby! I've missed you Forever!" Dillon said holding onto the Hug.
"It's been Forever!" I said. I looked at the necklace he was Wearing. "What's this?" I asked pulling the Necklace to my Eyes. "It says, Chelesa." I knew who Chelesa was, she was a Stuck up girl from New york. Tears Dribbled down my face as I Closed the door making a Space Between me and my Family. "I-I thought we were?" Dillon wiped my Tears. "It means nothing." Dillon said, In my mind I said 'To you it Doesn't.' I loved Dillon, We've been freinds since Kindergarten. Dillon grabbed the Necklace and threw it in the Pond near my house. "That changes Everything." Dillon said. 'No it Doesn't.' I thought swinging my Head forward.
Soon Dillon left, and I went back in. "Forget it." I Murmured. Sitting down to the meal again was hard, First a baby Announcment now a Friendship that's stained? I glanced at my food, Eating my last Greenbean. "Who was that Abby?" Scott asked. Scott knew Perfectly who it was. I looked at him for a while. "You know." I said. Soon forgeting all my worries. I looked at the clock, it was Six O' Two. 'How could half an hour go by to fast?' I wondered. this was a time in my Life, where I realized how Quick life went.
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