to be a true nija (clubb penguin)

to be a true nija (clubb penguin)

this is a story that i have not made up but have added more detail and made it more funny but i did not jusat write this my brother deandre did to and i would like to thank the makers of club penguin and the makers of there magizine for this stoary it ism a great insperation to me.

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Chapter 1.

the first chalenge

sensei: now my grass hoppers you must  learn the key of bravery  and i would like you to tell me that after  walking a crosss this type rope it may look easy but it is sertenly dangerourus and dont com,e crying if you brake your neck because you have to do it and i told you to and i am the wisest maN EVER so har har you can never beat me i can do any thing  even a backflip *(does backflip) ow ! well i strill did it well you cant blame me i,m 189 .
anice: well i like to see you try this sensei its a stupid idea and sensei dont come crying if you break your neck if you do i aint calling an abulance i'll use my cards !
rudy: fire beats snoweflake,snowflake beats water ,water beats fire and with fire  i can burn you and i know your afraid of water your alerjic to snow and you sneeze when near fire so sensei would win not against me though watch this! (walks acroos type rope)

CRASH! i'm ok
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