soul and the gang meets a new weapon and meister

soul and the gang meets a new weapon and meister

it is about where the gang meets two new freinds and figures out that the weapon really likes soul alot.

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Chapter 1.

The first day

it was the first day being at the dwma. the meister and weapon was cousins of lord death. the meister's name was violet and her weapons name was dream eater. when they enterd the school people wonderd who they were and the only person who knew them was death the kid and the got greeted in the death room and the soul eater gang was there. while everybody was trying to figure out who they were kid greeted them with a hug. but when dream went to greet the gang she noticed soul. so she went strait towards soul and greeted him. all soul said was hi and asked her what her name was. she said her name was dream eater. maka said hi to dream and gave her a hug. she also got a hug from the rest of the gang exept soul. so dream gave soul a hug an anyway. he was not expecting that so he pushed dream off of him. then lord death told dream to come to him and follow him to their class which was class cresent moon. then lord death greeted them to the class and then he left them to go back to the death room. then stein told them where to sit. violet sit next to black star and dream next to soul. after class dream ended up getting a hug from crona. she gave crona a hug back and then left. maka shown them to there dorm and said theirs was across the hall. they all got ready for bed. then they all went to sleep. well dream got up and went down to cronas dorm and told her goodnight. then when dream started to leave crona asked dream to sleep with him and dream told him to wait for her to get back. after a while dream came back with a cute litte stuffed kitty. then they both went to sleep.
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Comments (2)

on July 21, 2013
Good story I really like it
on July 20, 2013