This Poem of mine mirrors the style of Blake's 'London' Poem, with almost Identic structure, and similar Themes, but with a Modern twist. Enjoy! I will be eager to hear your feedback. ;)

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As I wonder through London town,
Every mourner, every  frown,
Seems obliged to apply a false smile,                                                          
Please end this awful wile.                                                        

Celebrities, all plastic I say,
Before long, they will hopefully decay.
It’s such a bore,
Fashion shoots, Sex Shops, galore...

To the tourist, everything seems exciting,
But they don’t see all the hidden fighting.
What they see, It’s all fake, just a screen,
With thanks, to our selfish, bratty Queen.
It’s actually quite a shock, all she does,
Is sit, nonchalant, on her Royal Buttock.
You can keep your precious Crown Jewels,
While I’m stuck, in this bottomless Cesspool.

Homeless people, on the street,
Their expressions,
to match every clone you meet.

My patience is slowly wearing,
Because it’s only I, that keeps on daring.
Have I not evolved with everyone else,
Or am I trapped, in this perplexing year?
The only one, not held back by fear.

I, the Worlds last hope, our only survivor,
am blanked, It seems you idiots would do anything,
for a measly Fiver.
Dignity has lost all meaning, obscenely,                               
Let me tell you,
It’s very displeasing.

However, I cannot float forever, and soon,
Along with my heart,
I will sink, and alike all the rest of you,
Become extinct.
I no longer wish to stay in this Pleasant Hell,
How can you live like this?
It’s utterly absurd,
I am now incredibly, and deeply disturbed.

Every teenager, phone in hand, don’t you see?
All this modern technology, It’s killing thee.
What ever happened to imagination and genuineness?
Gone, lost, like our Generation,
We’ve given up, in all desperation.©
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Comments (1)

This means a lot XD xx
on July 18, 2013