Another one:A hetalia 2p fanfic

Another one:A hetalia 2p fanfic

ok so this is about the 2ps in hetalia and i love fanfics!reminder:some are rp's from my instagram so... and,the characters are cewl!i cant wait for more!

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Chapter 1.

Another color part one AXIS


Felinciano was walking to the world confrence today."Ve,It feels so nice!"Felinciano said."If only Germany could of walked witha me"Felinciano sighed as he saw a plate of pasta on a table marked:FREE FOR ITALIANS.Ok it seems weird but to Felinciano,it was weirder."You can't let pasta get cold!"He said before walking to the plate.He ate the pasta and drank the wine before he felt really dizzy."Ahh!"He said before falling to the ground,passed out.


Ludwig refused walking to the world confrence with Felinciano and drove there.He was driving and decided to call Felinciano.The phone rang and then went to voicemail.Ludwig thought"Hm?Italy always answeres the phone".Ludwig left a voicemail and drove by a small,yet fancy Italian resturant,when he saw Italy on the ground."FELINCIANO!"Germany yelled before stoping the car and running to his side."Who zid this?Vake up!"He said shaking the small Italian.Ludwig gave him a hug before he felt something inject into him.


Kiku was enjoying his tea when he remembered the confrence."Oh no!I totarry forgot!"Kiku rushed into his room and grabbed his coat and slipped on his pants.He fed his cat and ran out."I wirr be home soon"He said walking out and running"OH I HOPE I WONT BE RATE!"He screamed.Kiku called Ludwig.No answer.'Hory sheet it must of began!"He said going into a sprint.he stopped as he found a sword in the middle of the sidewalk.'Who wourd reave a sword rike this?"He asked.He picked it up and walked with it.As Kiku walked something shot his foot. He checked it as someone gripped his neck and pulled him away.
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@Luciano.Vargas pfft,thanks bastardo,umm,but please put the knife away
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