Outcast (1)

Outcast (1)

This is a story about a girl who's in high school. She's bullied and she has one friend who is also friends with the people who bully her.

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Words and Sentences.

I am an Outcast. I do not think the ideas that people who are a Popular have are worthy of being heard. Their ideas consist of makeup, Starbucks, and a blur of Instagram filters. Then again, not everyone who is a Popular thinks this way, I suppose. There's always Aly. She's been my friend when no one else is, which is always. She is always hanging out with a Popular, though. She's never hanging out with me, an Outcast. But she always texts me and talks to me, and she might even hang out with me when its a weekend and her Popular friends are busy. I'm her seconds. Her plan B. And that sounds terrible, but really it's just words. They are just sentences. At least I'm something. I spent too much time being nothing. Plan B sounds better than nothing. I'm right below all the Popular's. Right next to them, looking up at them while they stand together up top. They seem happy up there. I wish I could be happy down here.
I guess you could say I'm different. I never thought of myself as "typical nerd" or "typical loner". I'm not typical anything. I'm a typical whatever the hell I want. And I think that's as good a typical as I can think of. But maybe those are just words and sentences, too. Maybe I could be a typical something. Maybe it wouldn't matter. Typical somethings are easy to come by, but I think typical whatevers are just as easy, because there are so many people who want to stand out. Who want to be different, but instead they crave others' approvals. It's a tragically beautiful contradiction. I feel bad for those people. But don't we all feel this way at some point?
I am just another nothing. I am Outcast. I am not anything special. I don't wish I were anything special, either. I'm content with my anti-social, anti-special self. I think that is tragically beautiful as well. Maybe everything is. I'm not sure most of the time. In fact, most of the time I'm not paying attention to anything. I just sit there and exist. And that is as much as anyone can ever really do, I think.
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Comments (4)

Awesome, will you write more?
on October 05, 2014
Great story
on July 14, 2013
Really good! Is there more coming...?
on July 08, 2013
It sounds great! Are you going to add more?
on July 07, 2013