DarkCloud (fan fic)

DarkCloud (fan fic)

The Adventures of Dead, Life, and Darkieo (they meet more!) anywho! get on to the story...

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Chapter 1.
A Fiery Town

A Fiery Town

Dead, Young teenager was lying in his room bored. Dead: Mooooooooooooooom! it was silent... he didn't notice that the town was screaming in terror dyeing because he was jamming out to music with his headphones. He walked downstairs worried after several minutes of silent. his music was paused and there was no sound at all... He saw a trail of blood going to his mom's bedroom... Dead walked into the bedroom and saw she was dead. A tear was in his eye as he saw his dad and brother's bodies too. Dead: DAD MOM LIFE! He looked outside terrified and saw the town on fire and bodies dead all over. he saw his best friend outside screaming. The fire was almost touching him. Darkieo was surrounded by the fire and was about to die... Dead jumped out the window and screamed: Darkieo! He grabbed Darkieo's hand and jumped OVER the fire! He had saved Darkieo but dead and Darkieo were both surprised he could jump that far. They stopped having any emotion whatsoever when they both heard a heavenly voice from the bedroom. Dead walked inside while Darkieo was behind him... They walked upstairs and into his mom's bedroom. Life was getting up. They screamed and Dead got a pistol out of his pocket. Dead aimed it at Life. Life approached Dead. Dead: Life? Life: *nods* Something white and feathery was on the sides of Life's body. Their eyes widened as wings appeared on Life's sides. All 3: WOAH! Dead: No time for shock we have to get to the plains now!!!
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