nut's and stars part one

nut's and stars part one

peanuts loves nuts, but one day they are all gone who stole them? is it payback for for getting a special day????

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In a place called wardrobe blue lives tatty teddy and his blue nose friends. Right now whiskers the seal and Essence the skunk, were round Peanuts the hamsters lamp house eating, well , nuts peanuts, who was very forgetful, absolutely adored nuts (that is why his name is peanuts) infect he loved them so much he made up new flavours like: strawberry, chocolate and even fish( only whiskers liked that, that is why they are both best friends, but teats another story) Today he had made a brand new type of nut it was ham!! Of course his friends didn't know what they were trying or they wouldn't be here. But now as the nuts were right in front of them in a bright red bowl ladled 'ham nuts' they had found out, the smell made them feel sick,but they didn't want to be impolite "Are you going to try one then?" peanuts asked them
"yes of course, you try one  first whiskers" essence begged jollily
"No,no I insist you go before me"
peanuts , bless him , thorght they liked the look of them so much they where trying to be generous
"Why don't you try them at the same time?"
the two friends tryed yo cover up their disappointment by smiling
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