Terror Island

Terror Island

when a couple go on a romantic getaway they expect fun and games on the Beautiful mysterious island, Fun and Games they find when a deranged psychopath is on the loose making this romantic getaway into a terror filled nightmare that eats at there sanity.

published on June 30, 20135 reads 5 readers 1 not completed

The Romantic Getaway

          "Are we there yet?" Mindy asked. they had gotten on the boat three hours ago and she was starting to get a little anctious.
"almost hon" Phaul yelled back "look there see it in the horizon? we will arrive in 30 minutes time okay."
"promise?"she asked. "I Promise."
           They had been planning this trip for months as a celebration for there anniversary. They would escape to this hidden resort that no one new about with no phone service .no one could reach them till they were ready to go. They could swim and relax all they wanted. Mindy and Phaul went down to the storage unit of the boat to retrieve the wine and pored each other a glass. "To peace and quit" he said " to a great vacation" Mindy corrected as they made the toast.
           "look the Island is in much better view now" "yes... It really is beautiful!" In The Next 15 minutes they chatted excitably about how much fun they would have and what they where going to do. They made lists and plans. first they would check in the hotel and settle in by then it would be supper time. they would eat and pre-order supplies for there hike on morning one. they couldn't wait. Once the boat arrived at the dock they grabbed there things and walked towards the Map to find the Hotel.
           "well it looks like the Hotel is about 3 miles west from this location... we just follow this path straight."
"okay lets go, don't wanna wast any daylight." "that's the spirit Mindy" Phaul said grabbing his luggage. They walked and walked and passed by gift shops, Hair and nail salons, it was paradise. there was a few other people there even families but the only difference about Mindy and Phaul was that they had reserved a private section of the beach all to themselves. In the Morning they would hike to the little cabin and enjoy the rest of the week in solitary. Once they arrived up to the Hotel tey went to the front desk to check in when Mindy herd something interesting.
"Did you hear about the escape?"
"what Really?"
"yeah a patient escaped from that mental hospital at the neighboring island!"
Mindy thought about it for a moment then dismissed it. how could they get here? theirs water all around and Shirley theirs sharks. but it was still going threw her mind on the trip up to there room.
"yes Dear"
"what if... what if a patent escaped the hospital next door?do you think we could be in any danger?"
"why would you ask something like that?"
"well, what?"
"well i heard some of the workers talking and..."
"forget it, don't believe everything you hear."
"No BUTS, we are here to enjoy now don't let nonsense spoil are time okay."
"yes dear"
and with that they put there stuff away and headed to the dinning hall for supper.
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Comments (1)

It is really good but there is a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes, especially with the homophones.
on July 19, 2013