Fire Creasent Flames

Fire Creasent Flames

This story is about a teenage fire magic user, who meets a wind magic user, a year after all of her family's death.

published on December 02, 201211 reads 4 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.


Avery Fisher is a teenage dragon slayer, living on her own, after all, her whole family died a year ago, when they were killed by a wind dragon, which can cut anything with it's sharp wind currents. After that, she committed herself to slaying dragons, and protecting Fire Creasent, the village she lives just above in the mountains. She protects the village with the Fisher family sword, which she inherited after her family's death. Up, higher in the mountains, is known to live the Fire Crescent Flame Beast, or dragon, which has never been defeated before. Anyway, she had no idea that her family inherited a power, that allows any Fisher to control fire, and resist the burning flames of it. She also didn't know that there were other magic users, just ones with a different power. Families that have the power of ice, wind, earth, water, etc. She had no idea that soon, she'd have an encounter with one, named Christian Jones, who is a wind user.                     PRESENT DAY..................
****************************************************************************************************       Avery sat up, out of bed. She stood up and walked over towards the window and looked out on Fire Crescent Village. After a while of staring, she opened up the top drawer of her dresser, and grabbed a pair of camouflage pants and a black tank top. She walked into the bathroom, got changed, brushed her teeth, brushed her long, curly, brown, hair, and pulled it back tightly into a ponytail. She walked back into the living room (a.k.a. her bedroom) and grabbed her long, leather, black, sporting boots. Within seconds she slid each one on with ease and walked over to her nightstand, where lay a silver chain necklace. She picked it up and hung it around her neck. She walked towards the front door. Lay next to it, leaning on the wall, was the Fisher family sword. She picked it up, slid it in her pant loop, and walked out the door. It was an hour walk til she finally got to the school, where she met up with Skylar, a teen with a black bob, and was wearing a pink skirt and magenta vest, and Kasee, a teen with medium length blonde, curly, hair, who was wearing blue shorts and a short sleeve tee-shirt. They finished the day, first period, math, second period, science, third and fourth periods, language arts... and so fourth. Until finally, the day was over and Avery headed home. She lunged herself, til, finally, she got to Main street. In the center of main street, an ice dragon was freezing innocent citizens with it's breath. Quickly, she rushed to the scene of the dragon, and pulled out the Fisher family sword out of her pant loop...                                                       TO BE CONTINUED...
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Comments (2)

It's great, but I would add more dialouge, other than that, I love this story!
on November 05, 2013
Okay, so, you guys... I would really appreciate if you told me, here in the comments whether or not you liked it. If you don't, sorry I dissapointed you. If you do, great! and I'd love to hear from either side if the crowd. Thanks!
on December 02, 2012