The 5 Alive States

The 5 Alive States

This story is about the 5 alive states, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado.

published on June 27, 201312 reads 7 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.

Oklahoma Cooks Dinner for Texas

Texas- Ahh, so glad you are a pan! If we didn't have you, we would be STARVING! Oklahoma- Ya, I steal food from people with my bad weather. And I am cooking some eggs! Texas- Okay, tell me when it is ready! (20 min later) NOM NOM NOM!
Oklahoma- You are a "big" boy cause of that food! Texas- Yup! Are you gonna eat some? Oklahoma- Ya, I am getting some right now! OM! Texas- Can I have the rest? Oklahoma- Sure! I will just eat one plate! Texas- OM OM NOM NOOOM OM!
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Comments (1)

What.... I live in Texas... now it talks?
on August 02, 2015