My role play: 6/25/13 "Aids restless"

My role play: 6/25/13 "Aids restless"

This is a story that I wanted to write for a while. It will have A good backround

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the first

the first

The days went by, though how many was unknown to him now, or even if space had days. The small ship he was on had run out of fuel a long time ago, causing it to drift in an endless abyss. It’s only passenger fearing finding himself faced with the gravitational pull of a black hole or sun. The ships computer still functioned perfectly, meaning it was probably meant to last for years, and he could have sent out an s.o.s anytime he wanted, but his stubbornness and pride and kept him from calling out for help. He was either going to die from starvation or be obliterated by a star or black hole. But he could get lucky and find himself on a planet, but what were the chances it would be inhabited? Slim to none in his mind. The air of that planet mite not even be breathable for him, though his own air seemed to be running out fast on him. “I didn’t expect to go out like this.” He said to himself, curled up in his little corner, looking out the window at the night sky that stretched for miles. After all the effort of getting off his planet, and now he was about to die to something as trivial as starvation, or obliteration. It was time he sucked up his pride and called for help. Getting to his feet, he slowly made his way to the control panel, where he took a seat in the chair that overlooked it. Being as weak as he was from lack of food, he let out a long sigh, staring at the s.o.s button for a long time before reaching out and pressing it.

- ireland g, riverdahl

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