Saying thanks to the best singers/actors/actresses on Earth that had died.

Saying thanks to the best singers/actors/actresses on Earth that had died.

My List of people that I want to thank for inspiration and love for the people. This includes their lifes and how they got their careers and etc.

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Chapter 1.
The Best Man in the World

The Best Man in the World

Michael Joe Jackson

At the age of 5, Michael Jackson had Started his dream as an singer. His brothers at first didn't want Michael to be in their "Big boy group" because they thought he was too young. But ever since they heard him sing,  They let him join the group. Him and his brothers first sung in School talent shows and were known as the Jackson 5. They made a huge success with the group definitely the group's first hit "I want you Back" in 1969. They had their own cartoon and etc.

Michael split up from the Jackson in 1979 for a solo career with his first album "Off The Wall" and briefly became Vegetarian.
But then started Surgery in 1978 from falling off stage ended up with nose Surgery. But also had great success in his music such as Thriller and Beat it and became the first artist to play a song called Billie Jean in heavy rotation. He acted in movies such as Captain EO,  Moonwalker, The Wiz, MIB2 (Men in Black 2), Ghost and Ms. cast away and the island girls.

Michael jackson had held a record to have more no.1 hits than any other American singer. He had an comeback concert "This is it" in 2009 but died on the night of the next rehearse on 6/25/09. Not just known as the best dancer and singer but is also known for having huge passion for children and his fans.
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Captain Eo was just weird! -.-'
on January 28, 2014
Oh spikey Wikey, that's so sweet
on August 26, 2013
who da hek ish michael jackson
on June 21, 2013
wow great story :)
on June 18, 2013