Tinkerbell and the Missing Fairies

Tinkerbell and the Missing Fairies

Have you ever wondered where all the faires have gone? They are missing! It's all up to Tink and her friends to find them all scattered in the Mainland!

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Chapter 1.


Early morning, Tinkerbell decided to wake up early. She takes out her to do list and reads:
-deliver supplies for the nature talents (Its almost spring!)
-Fix Fawn's bed
-Make baskets for the seeds and little bugs
-Visit Periwinkle
"Okay," she said calmly. "Lets get tinkering!" She walks by her work station. "Good morning Clank and Bobble!"
"Hi Tinkerbell, How was the cookies we sent you?" Asked Bobble. She jumps up and says "Oh they were flitterific!"
"Tinkerbell we are working on making a kart to deliver supplies, the other one broke." Bobble looks at Clank with a creepy stare. "Clank decided to put this big heavy rock in the old kart. Oh and today you don't have to deliver supplies."
Tink felt relived, its one less thing off her to do list. "Oh thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" she said with such joy.
She then started to make baskets. While Tink was making baskets with other tinkers, Clank and Bobble were on an unusual trail. Their surroundings were starting to get darker. "I think we went the wrong way! Lets turn back." Clank sounded scared. "Alright, Cheese Turn--" Then they were gone. No trail except Cheese's footprints.
                                                                            ~ 2 Hours later ~
Where is Clank and Bobble? Fawn was wondering. Has something happened to them? Fawn flew towards Rosetta. "Hiya Rosetta! Did you get supplies from Clank and Bobble yet?" Silvermist and the others joined Rosetta and Fawn. "No I haven't. I don't have one of Tink's gadget painter thingies." Stated Rosetta. "Maybe they had some petals to pick with you." Said Vidia then laughed "We have to tell Queen Clarion." Said Iridessa, worried. "Calm down Iridessa! Your worse then the nervous skunk, that didn't want a bath yesterday. But I got it." "A nervous skunk! Does that mean she smells bad?" asked Silvermist. "No Silvermist-" Before Fawn could finish, Vidia cut her off.
"I guess I will have to get Tink then?"Ask Vidia annoyed of the fairies that were talking nonsense for a while. All the faires answered Yes. They all completely forgot.
Vidia zoomed to Fawn's home. Tink had finished fixing Fawn's bed. "Now its time to visit Perrwinkle." "TINKERBELL!!! Clank and Bobble are missing!" "Oh no! I guess i have to wait for my visit." she said sadly but then quickly followed Vidia to the Pixie Dust Tree.
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Comments (2)

It is pretty good I am dying to know what is next.
on August 06, 2013
this is what I have so far, I thought it would be a good Disney movie for the Tinkerbell movies. Hope you like it! maybe someday I will have my own fairy stories!
on June 14, 2013