the believer part 3

the believer part 3

i just relized that there was a movie called the believer i want to change my stories title but i thought i keep it sorry guys :(

published on November 29, 201216 reads 15 readers 2 completed

the choices we must make

we are here to help you that what that man said i was still tied up on the chair i asked him who are you he didnt answer it was silence for about half-hour and then he spoke we know what you whant i sat there and said what  are you talking about he said that he was in a group of  hitmen and smugglers etc i was creeped out but also relieved that there were no pervs then a woman came up to the man she was wearing a cat mask like those ones in anime shows and she said that we said to much then the man said yes and so he put me to sleep and i woke up on the couch in my living room i looked at the clock it was 7:00am an hour until school so i put on some clothes and walked to school but i didnt relize that i had a black eye until that girl i met said are you okay?! i told her im fine she asked for my name i told her that i would not tell her yet but she told me hers her name was mikayla i was nervus i was about to say my name but the bell rang and i went to class  i always sat by the window about an hour later i saw two vans drive the preschool parking lot men came out with guns and knives a security gaurd came and told them to leave but a guy walked up in front of him and blew his brains out i stood there quaked in fear my eyes wide open and a guy outside looked right infront of me pointed his gun at the window i was at and the teacher saw and called 911 the students were evacuated to the the storehouse i ran in to mikayla she didnt look scared at all (tch neither was i) we walked to the storehouse and right when i was about to open i heard a man loading a gun and pointing it right at my head he said not so fast little punk! my eyes were wide open i was speechless and so was mikayla
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Comments (2)

Oh, it's okay Cool story!
on November 30, 2012
once again the chapter title doesnt make sense......... im sowy :'(
on November 29, 2012