Fawns New Sister

Fawns New Sister

This is a 'tinkerbell' story. I'm a very good author I would say this pirticular story is very diffrent than what I usually write. PLEASE NO STEALING!!! *I have copywrite*

published on June 05, 201318 reads 13 readers 2 completed
Chapter 1.
Mary Anne

Mary Anne

Mary Anne had just been born; she was the new sister of Fawn. They were both animal fairies. A few months after she was born Fawn was already anxious and excited about training her new sister! But when she awakened she couldn’t find her. Fawn looked for Mary Anne everywhere.
“Mary, it’s time for your training!” Fawn yelled. About fifteen minutes later Fawn bumped into Iridessa while searching. “Iridessa have you seen Mary Anne?” Fawn asked. Iridessa smiled, “You’re in luck I just say her five minutes ago with Tinker bell.
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Comments (2)

on October 27, 2013
this is so babyish why do that
on October 26, 2013