The Foxes Secerets

The Foxes Secerets

Here is some things I left out in "How I Became A Fox" so I hope you enjoy

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Chapter 1.

The way they got to the tree and she was wearing the red dress

This all started in school prom I already new Brandon and all that,I was in my red dress (See told you!) We were just about to dance then boom!! a bomb went off so everyone was in panic mode then I get Brandon and me out of the school then we tryed to find the nearest willow then there was a willow with at least 9 feet of leaf covering we climb up the tree and are barely noticed.

Then we hear footsteps coming our way good thing we were camoflaouged well.He looked like a criminal thats about to rob a bank.It's the schools bully Cato (No not from the hunger games) I never thought he would do that I mean he is bad to all the teachers but I never thought he would bomb a part of the school I go get to my back pack I remember that Cato destroyed all of the basketballs so I had to bring my own.

I got an Idea to drop this on his head because this isn't any regular ball this was one of those undestrucktable basketballs.I drop it on his head and he's knocked out easly.I jump off the tree and drag him over to the school doors and quickly run back to the willow wich was hard to do in my red high heels.

(If you don't understand look up how i became a fox)

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JSYK (just so you know) Brandon is not really my boyfriend he's just a friend OK??
on August 02, 2013