The Way I Became A Fox

The Way I Became A Fox

This is a story on how me CrystalDragon1459 became a fox. It was a really wierd story actually but it's the story of how i became a fox.(laughing so hard on the idea) Characters: Crystaldragon1459 - me brandon - a close friend & a wizard.

published on May 27, 201313 reads 8 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.

The intro

I was awakaning from a long nap on a willow in the forest.I had dark brown hair and brown eyes and a beutiful red dress (you'll see y when i publish the foxes secerets) on another branch of the tree,There was Brandon blonde hair and blue eyes I'm not sure how i feel about him,he's one of those boys you could trust and tell him things you tell no one else.I jump off of the tree branch from the noise I'm making Brandon gets startled and falls off the tree and lands on the ground.I look at him giggling."Why are you so funny??" I ask.He smiles,I'm still giggling.

We go hunting(me and him have bows as our hunting wepons),but on the way back i see a strange house I stop Brandon and hide in the bush right next to us "See that house??" I say,"yeah it says witches house come in if you dare" He said."Well dare is my middle name" I say,"I thought your middle name was diana." Brandon said "It is"I say.
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Interesting story.
on January 28, 2016