The Elements of Power.

The Elements of Power.

We are on a quest to gain the 12 elements to defeating Chaos!! Just a few more words. It is very important to have a nice description

published on June 15, 201317 reads 8 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

My dream gets a Message

Well here i am...
It all started with "the Dream"
Now I am having another...
It goes a little like this

I am in my dream walking with Leo, Percy and Ella,
Its peaceful and I smell Honeysuckle.

Suddenly I hear a old Ladies voice.

" 12 Elements to defeat Chaos, All must be found..."

I turn and see its coming from Ella...

" May they be in the Sky, sea or ground..."

That one from Leo...

and suddenly a girly raspey one says

" You and Your closest friends have to search..."

That one from Percy..

" Okay you must be the fates..."

But as soon as I say that I awake.
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Comments (1)

uplifting, as usual. I better be awesome in this one.
on June 18, 2013