Best friends? Or not?

Best friends? Or not?

This is a story about to best friends whos friendship is coming to an end... or is it?

published on May 09, 201334 reads 14 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.

Best friends forever

Me and Casey are best friends. We have been since the 1st grade. We hardly ever fight. We tell eachother secrets, go to each others houses, text, call, email, facetime, and more. Now that we are in the 5th grade and in a new school we have met new friends. Casey has just became best friends with this girl named Kat. They always hang out. I kind of feel left out now because Kat ALWAYS has to get her way. Me and Kat fight a lot. Casey doesn't like it. I feel as if Casey likes Kat more than me. Since me and Casey have now became 5th graders we have been fighting a lot this year. Caseys mom said that this is the age where we figure out who are true friends are.
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Cool Story!
on March 04, 2015
on April 11, 2014