about a young girl on a journey to find the mysterious item The LOCKHEART!

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Prologue and Chapter 1

Prologue and Chapter 1

The Lockheart the rarest treasure of all; people search far and wide for it, so far none have found it. Well that’s all about to change soon. I Christina Locket will find the Lockheart and I will be the one to change this world forever! I of course will get help from my wonderful friend Freeda. Freeda is an awesome partner! I mean even if Freeda is a girly boy. I mean a sissy girl. Freeda is a boy though. His mom tells him he’s a girl. His mom doesn’t like mean. I don’t know why though. Well anyway back to the Lockheart! The Lockheart is basically the utmost beautiful piece or treasure created! It was created by our goddess Lismina of Beauty and treasure. I of course faithfully follow her like Artemis, Freeda’s mother, and Freya, Freeda’s Auntie. The Lockheart is told to have ancient powers to grant your most desired wishes. I have no desired wish! I just want the Lockheart to put on my awesome sword! Maybe become as Strong as Artemis. I set the book I was holding aside. I of course don’t want to drop it.
“Christina, where are you? My mother is looking for you!” I rolled off my bed and hid behind the door as Freeda came through it. “Christina? I could have sworn I heard her squealing…” He turned to leave as I leapt out and tackled him.
“BOO! I got you again!” I yelled as we fell to the floor.  Freeda grabbed my cheeks and started to pinch them. I groaned as Freeda started to pull, “sthap ith Freedath.” Freeda frowned and shook his head.
“Not until you stop jumping on me every time I come to find you.”  I nodded at him as he let my cheeks go and I smiled. “Thank you, now get up you are really heavy.” I nodded again and stood up and helped Freeda up also.
“Now my cheeks hurt. Hey where’s your dad? I have something to ask him.” He shrugs and crosses his arms.
“I don’t know, but you have to go talk to my mom ‘kay.” Freeda said uncrossing his arms and pulling me out of my room. “We will discuss the topic of my father later, mother comes first.” I flinched mentally. I wonder if she found out about the broken vase yet.

._- +-+-_.

I let Freeda drag me down the hallway to the dining hall for. I stumbled a bit here and there tripping over my feet. I glared at the back of Freeda’s head trying to bore holes into it. Freeda stopped abruptly and turned to me.
“Stop staring at me, I can feel it.” Freeda let of my wrist and grabbed my cheeks again. “I said stop it, you look like my dad after he fell out of his wagon that one day!” I snickered and then flinched. “Ew, you’re drooling.” Freeda let go of my face and wiped his hands on my shirt.
“You’re the one that grabbed my cheeks.” I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and glowered slightly. “I can’t help it if you want to grab someone’s face.” Freeda glared at me and turned briskly his skirt swishing with him, “Freeda, I was wondering. Why do you dress like a girl?” I looked at him curiously. He turned and smiled at me.
“I don’t see what’s wrong with it.” He looked at me with a slightly clueless face. “I don’t find it odd at all.” I frowned at him and shrugged. He started to walk again and I followed him.
“You dress like a woman, but your sisters don’t.” I muttered under my breath and chuckled. We stopped in front of the massive doors of the dining hall. The doors were decorated in ancient script of the elfish tongue and the right door was covered in golden plates of the great warriors of the hall that had been Killed In Action- or as we prefer K.I.A- I smiled at the door and looked at the left side which was covered in golden plates as well but was used for the living and great soldiers. I looked to the right of the doors which had a little board which had bronze plates with the name of trainees on it. I was one of them. I planned to make it on the left side of the door and probably end up one the right side of the door one day. I’m not going to lie, I hope I get K.I.A; it’s worse to not be K.I.A then die in bed not doing anything. I am no commoner; I am a paladin in training after all.
“Stop day dreaming and open the door, I have something in my hands.” I looked at Freeda and saw the He had picked up a cat. I leaned into the cat and made a face at the cat which hissed and swiped my nose. I growled and was about to grab the cat out of Freeda’s arms. Freeda turned away from me and I feel over onto the ground. “Stop that and open the door. I don’t think Hyen will appreciate you hurting his cat.” I glowered at the cat and pushed the doors open.
“I don’t like Nikkei, he’s a demon cat and he just scratched my nose!” I frowned walking into the dining hall, Freeda trailing behind me.
“He just doesn’t like you. You like to patronize her. You need to treat him with kindness.” Freeda told me while scratching on Nikkei’s chin. I groaned and tugged Freeda so that he dropped the cat. I snickered when I heard a yowl from Nikkei. I felt Freeda run into my back slightly.
“I think we should hurry, Artemis is waiting.” I muttered and hurried across the hall to the table Artemis sits at. We made to the table in about three minutes. I waved at Artemis who spotted us and waved to us to hurry.
“Ah, there you are Christina and welcome back Freeda.” I grinned and Freeda smiled softly at Artemis. “I’ve been looking for you Christina; I am pleased that Freeda found you.” Freeda’s smiles widen a bit. Artemis motioned for us to sit down. Freeda nodded and took as seat next to Sir Tristun who smiled at Freeda. I took a seat next to Artemis of course. I waved at Freya who happened to be here for once. “I wanted to discuss something with you.” I nodded and took a piece of bread that was offered to me.
“What would that be?” I asked around a mouthful of bread, a few crumbs fell out of my mouth and fell on a napkin. Freya chuckled and went back to talking to Horace on of her companions she had picked up on her journey.
“It’s time for you to take on a journey of your own. It’s about that time for the disciples to take on the world and head out on a journey.” Artemis looked at her meal then back at me. I was currently trying not to choke on my bread from the sheer excitement. “Are you okay Christina?” I nodded as I dislodged the bread from my throat. I couldn’t believe it. I can finally look for the Lockheart. I can finally do what I have been hoping to do for years.  I smiled and grinned. “What do you plan to do?”
“I plan to look for the greatest treasure of all time.” I grinned happily leaning back in my chair, “and I also plan to make a legend of myself.”
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