For Your Ears only.

For Your Ears only.

Abigail tells A kid at school named Lauren (Laura) A HUGE Secret, then she Realizes she Doesn't Trust Lauren. What Could Go Wrong in a High School?

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Chapter 1.


"Hey Lauren... I have to tell you a Secret." Abigail said to Lauren
"Oh Yeah Abby? What is it?" Lauren Asked
"Um... I'm gonna need Glasses soon. Please don't tell Anyone Laura!" Abigail told Lauren
"Oh Abby! We're like BFFs! I won't Tell anyone!" Lauren said to Abigail.
"Thanks!" Abigail said.
"Yeah!" Lauren said while Giggling. No wonder everyone called her Gossip Girl... She Gossiped about EVERY Secret, Even Brittney's New Haircut that made her look like a Boy. Brittney had to Stay home until her Hair Grew Back... Abigail Ran Home after school feeling Relieved about her Glasses. But she didn't Trust Lauren anymore.

On the way home Haley and Ashley caught up to her, and Haley said "So... Abby... I heard your getting Glasses..." Abigail was in Shock, Who told them? She guessed it was Lauren, but Abigail didn't want to Ask. "Abby. I'm sorry to Hear about that." Said Ashley
"I'm Ok." Abigail said Running Faster to her house, Her older brother Tom was waiting, "Tom!" Abigail said Hugging him,
"What's up Sis?" Tom Asked her
"I told a girl at school a secret and She Told Everyone!" Abigail said
"Um... Is it a Lauren?"
"She Kinda Made you a Star on the Internet."
Abigail's Mouth Dropped.
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