kingdom hearts 358/2 fanfic

kingdom hearts 358/2 fanfic

PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION Hey everybody 3000 here its been a while since made a story I had to umm stuff heehee (been playing truble on terrorist town) anyway I thought I let you know I'm a big fan of the kingdom hearts franchise it has a good story and I reccomend it to anyone who like final fantasy and disney my fav kingdom hearts was 358/2 its such a great game and I love it but what I'm about to say will contain spoilers when I fought the second of the final boss she was xion a sweet girl in organization 13 but she was fourteen and she was my favorite characters xion died it tore me alart I made a lets say sequel to it

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I keep on hearing things in my dreams iys the same dream every night it disturbed me as I woke up the next I look out my window and I always lived in  twighlight town it was a peaceful town but it is famous for there sport called "struggle". And I'm finally old enough to participate in this years tournament. my dad and I had always trained since I was nine and after that he would take  me to the icream store and buy me my favorite flavor seasalt icecream. But then my dad passed away when I was 11 and my mom was never around to take care of me so I lived alone.  I kept on training because It was my dream to become a struggle champion and win the trophy just because I like the colored orbs I opened my window and looked at my calendar and today is the sign ups for the tournamen. "the sign ups are today!" I said " how could forget?" As i was about to go I heard an voice it said "hey xion I hear your old enough for the tournament"
I sighed and said "great its seifer.." seifer walked up to me and said " said well a little lady like you shouldn't sign up for
such a rough sport" I glared at him and said " maybe you shouldn't sign up either because we alk know you don't want to lose to a girl" seifer shoved me and I fell on the ground he grabbed his struggle baton and he was about to hit me I closed my eyes in fear then everything froze seifer wad frozen in spot tge clou ds stopped everything I wad getting nervous then u saw s boy in a black hoodie walk up to me he said "x...xion..." u said "how do you know my name?" He walked away i followed him but before I could time started moving and I got hit by the baton the next thing I knew I was in my house on the bed with an ice pack on my eye my eye didn't look injured I wanted to go outside but it was getting late the n I saw the boy in the robe again he put a hand gestures thay looked like he wanted me to follow him the next thing I knew I was on top if the belltower my dad and I always ate icecream here I told the boy he said "xi...on?" He gave me my favorite icecream I was curious to know how it was my favorite it just showed a Man with spikey red hair and another boy with brown hair eating icecream on the belltower  I looked at him and said "I don't get it" then he gave me a picture of a  blonde girl with a white dress I said to him "oh it's that girl haunting the abandoned mansion everyone's says its a rumor" the boy looked at me he said " go there.." I said "by myself?!" The boy nodded I felt the temptation to go so i went
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Oh yeah I havnt made stories in a while so lay off on the negative comments and be nice
on May 02, 2013