Lots of Fun [[Fnaf]]

Lots of Fun [[Fnaf]]

Mike Schmidt was a regular 10-year-old,playing at Freddy's like all the other children,until,a horrible experience involving a Purple Guy changes Mike's liking for Freddy's,until he was forced to get a job there and ran into. . Purple Guy again.

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Purple Pandemoniam

It was a partly cloudy morning,leaving children begging their parents to take them to different places;Mostly,though,Freddy's,a really fun and popular Pizza parlor,just by cheesy animatronics and food,the activity papers with cruddy,oily,stainable crayons,but don't be fooled;The place was real messy,activity mats wadded in paper balls everywhere,soda rings dried on the table,like a normal Pizza parlor.

Mike Schimdt,a normal,hyperactive 10-year-old kid soon revealed the truth,that no one knew about except. . Purple Guy. So,Mike has begged his parents to take him to Freddy's for years,finally giving in,they kept sighing as Mike pulled on their hands to Freddy's direction," C'mon,mom! " He screamed happily,drooling a bit,"Freddy,Bonnie and Chica are already performing! " He didn't calm down,still screaming.

" Son,if you've never been here before,how do you know so much about this place? " His only-loves-money dad said," . . School. . Friends-- " Mike sighed," Mom,we are here! " Mike said,pointed at a glass building with triangle,multi-colored banners everywhere.

Mike and his mom ran inside,the dad waking slowly like he always did," . . So,no Cookies,Cake,Candy,Ice Cream-, " Mike growled," Mom! So what if I'm hyperactive? Plus,all thy have here is pizza and Soda. So just quit! . . Please- "
Mom only smirked," Fine. Have fun,don't break your nose again-- "

Mike fakely chucked,running off with a dollar he had been saving. After turning the dollar to tokens,he was playing games madly," 996. . 997. . 998. . 999. . 1,000 Freddy's tickets! " mike screamed," Hey-, " A rather tall,12-year-old boy said," Gimme my tickets. Now. " He damanded," These aren't your's,sir. I just won them from those machines--, " The 'bully' only growled,snatching the tickets and running off," You mean,I won them from those machines? " He chucked," Sucker! "

Mike whimpered," . . W-what just happened? "

He cuddled into a ball," H-hey,kids! I'm happy no one is sad or crying today! Haha! " Freddy's dopey voice said,making Mike feel worse," Time for the show! Haha! " Freddy & The Gang sung a few songs,then soon it turned 11:23.

" Heh! Bye,kids! Stay close to y-you-r parents! " Chica and Bonnie said at the same time.

// Mike and his wealthy parents drive home //

PS: I'm so sorry it was short,I'm honesty lazy and get tired easily-- lmao,enjoyyy~
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This story is awesome!
on July 18, 2018