Amazing Day

Amazing Day

there is a bufflo stanpede .there is a safe place. dad is fishing in the river

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An amazing day

An amazing day

I`m going to tell you something exciting that happened on the Oregon Trail.It all started on June 24,1845 in the state of Colorado.I was cooking lunch with my mother.My father was out in the river catching fish for dinner.And all of the sudden the wagon stared to move, the ground was staring to shake.My mother told me to get off the wagon and to start looking for my father.My mother knew it was a buffalo stanpede.My mother said she was going somewhere safe with my little sister.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             10 min.later,I found my father sill catching fish .I told my father that there is a buffalo stanpede.I told him to go find mother in the safe place that mother was talking about.My father knew that safe place.He said to hurry as fast as a cheetah!                                           20 min. later, when my father and I found the the safe place,mother was already there.We were safe from the buffalo!We saw the whole buffalo stanpede.BOOM,BOOM,BOOM!My father took out his shot gun,and shot a young buffalo for dinner.Since my father had left all the fish he caught for dinner.  That was the most exciting day of my life!
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