(russia) dangerous teddy bear

(russia) dangerous teddy bear

Yay! Russia! *glomps* Russ I: I have a pipe! And I'm not afraid to use it! Me: *pouts*

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please?! i don't want to play!

((This character is Antarctica but everyone calls her arctic))

America: okay! Everyone it's time to play seven minutes in heaven!!
England: ugh
Arctic: do i have to play?!
America: yup! Arctic-chan you can go first!
Arctic: *rumages around in the hat then takes out russian flag* ....
America: no no no! Don't go arctic-chan!!*glomps her*
Russia: you got me da?
Prussia: yup no go and murder I mean... just go into the closet
Me and Prussia are enemy's, of course he'd want Russia to kill me
America: noooo!! Arctic-chan!!
Russia: don't vorry, I'll take good care of you
(In the closet)
Arctic: sooooo
Russia: *puts scarf around arctic* you were cold da?
Arctic: y-yeah th-thanks *yawns*
Russia: *picks arctic up and cradles her*
arctic: Russia! What are you doing?!
Russia: you vere tired da?
((First chapter!))
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Comments (2)

ahahaha lol! im russian XD
on June 09, 2014
Write some more! I wanna know what happens.
on May 16, 2013